Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Java Notes

When searching few days ago, Google accidentally turned up Java Notes, created by one Fred Swartz (who apparently teaches at University of Maryland Unversity College). Poked around it a bit, and I must say I was pretty impressed by the quality of those examples I looked at; it indeed looks like a nice teaching material for beginning Java programmers, one Mr. Swartz put into many hours to assemble. I mean, just look at the exhaustive discussion of the algorithm for finding the maximum element of an array!

What's an especially nice additional touch is that the author indeed donated all of this to public:

Many textbooks show useful code examples, but ironically copyright them so you can't legally use them! All Java code examples in Java Notes and Java Basics are placed in the public domain.

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David Caldwell said...

I actually ran across these a while back when I was looking at creating a programming language. His example programs are good test harnesses to solve in another language in order to compare simplicity, readability, etc.

Would be interesting to do this with Rhino.