Wednesday, December 27, 2006


So, Blogger got out of beta, and finally it added a labelling feature, which is something I wished for for quite a long time. I decided to label my post to sort them into categories. The categories are (in decreasing order of number of posts at the moment):

software for anything related to software development in general. Java, Open Source, concurrency, programming languages theory. Stuff you'd want to read if you're a fellow software developer.
side interests for serious stuff that I'm interested in as an amateur. Quantum mechanics, astronomy, math, society, politics etc.
mac is for stuff you don't care to read if you aren't interested in Apple computers.
personal is for writings of personal nature.
fun is for art/entertainment/humour things I came across and want to share them with you.
blog a very low volume, blog-related announcements (like this post).

I tried to keep the number of categories to a reasonable minimum, trying to partition the content into as few of them as possible, taking into account possible reasons people read the blog (i.e. it's different for those who track what I do in the software industry, and again different for friends and family).

The links above have associated RSS feeds, so you can choose to syndicate in your reader only those categories you care about. This will probably cause less frustration for me in the future as well, as sometimes I was reluctant to post a more personal writing because I didn't want to decrease the signal-to-noise ratio for (I presume) majority of people who only care for my software-related posts. Heck, I might even post some personal writings in Hungarian now :-)


The Lal said...

clicking on your labels doesn't work


Attila Szegedi said...

Thanks - that should finally teach me that using relative URLs is not a good idea at all.