Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Microsoft to the rescue of the mankind

(click on the link to see the original flash animated ad). It's not a fake - this ad was indeed published by Microsoft and for a while appeared on Battlestar Galactica's official homepage on Sci-Fi channel.

Related fun fact: Did you know no TV channel carries Battlestar Galactica in Hungary? One of the commercial chanells bought the rights for the first season few years ago, but they stopped broadcasting it after only (I think) six episodes, citing poor viewer ratings. Morons. (Someone was a moron. Either the TV channel producers, or the company measuring the viewership ratings, or, err..., the local TV audience.) If it weren't for BitTorrent, I wouldn't be able to watch it at all. (And I also wouldn't have any motivation to buy the mini series + the first two seasons on DVD + all the soundtrack CDs from Amazon either, which I did recently. So much for studios' fairytale of "lost revenue due to copyright infringement by file-sharing".)


András Dőtsch said...

Yes, I also saw that ad. :)

By the way, you don't need BitTorrent to watch BSG. All the episodes are uploaded to one of the public video sharing sites, and they are - among other series - collected together on this site:


Happy Watching!

Attila Szegedi said...

Wow, that site is just wicked. Really takes the effort of getting the content down to a minimum... It does have one drawback though -- can't have subtitles on it (I have no problems listening, but my wife needs at least english subtitles from time to time to keep up). The other drawback is that I can imagine that those sites that host the actual content can be quite easily targetted by legal action.

nannal said...

we often are (like at the moment ,hence the reason the site is down) but as we dont host the content ourselves, we tend to find the episodes on daily motion and youtube ect