Monday, February 11, 2008

Tom Lantos died today

Tom Lantos died today. One less great Hungarian and one less great American in this world; I was a serious admirer of him and his work. Even if not always agreeing with all his views, I do believe he made the world a better place through most of the things he did. I remember being amazed by quite a lot of things he did, but I won't rehash them here - Wikipedia is as good source as any for this. I distinctly remember him from two years ago when I saw in the news that the (then) 78-year old member of the Congress (elected 14 times, no less) was arrested for civil disobedience while protesting in front of the sudanese embassy in Washington against violence in Darfur. I was proud. I'm sorry though that even his influence and chairing of House Foreign Affairs Committee was not enough to move US into ending the Darfur conflict. Maybe if he was given a bit more time...

Isten nyugasztalja békében, Tamás!

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