Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Check out Restlets

For all the fans of the REST approach out there (who also happen to code in Java), seems like someone is working to create a replacement for Servlet API that is explicitly designed for writing HTTP systems the REST way: check out Restlets. Haven't had a chance to look into it deeply, but it's definitely on my list of things to inspect more closely. The folks wisely created (similarly to Servlet spec) a separate spec and a separate reference implementation - this is quite important for widespread adoption, as it should allow things like alternate implementations, i.e. one built on top of servlet API (for leveraging already tried infrastructures of servlet containers out there).

That said, the reference implementation they ship is however a completely standalone server - real men handle their port 80 directly :-). Oh, the RI also uses FreeMarker as a default view technology, being a replacement for JSP :-). Well, I guess that makes me ever slighlty biased.

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