Thursday, March 30, 2006

In UK next week

I'll be in Reading, UK between April 3 and 7. If anyone feels like meeting me over a beer in Reading or London area, drop me a note so we may be able to arrange something.


Cs said...

When are you coming to Atlanta? :)

Attila Szegedi said...

To try to answer seriously, despite the smiley at the end of your question: I've only been to US once (also a work trip) - last October - and then only to Norwalk, Connecticut. It's somewhat likely I'll go sometime this year as well, but that's as close as I go to Atlanta, I'm afraid. MapQuest says it's a 15 hour drive between Atlanta and Norwalk. Boy, US certainly is a large country; a domestic flight seems like a more sane option for covering that distance.

Anyway, if I happen to go over there, we might try to schedule something - I already decided that next time I'm over I want to take at least few days off after the work agenda is fulfilled and take a brief look around. The only problem is that there's so much to see - for one thing NYC is just around the corner. I also already happen to have an open breakfast invitation in Chicago :-)

Cs said...

Also, I hope that I'm not going to be here forever... say one more year and I'll graduate. In which case I'll probably live in another state of the US, but I can't tell exactly where. But if you happen to visit my place some time, you are invited for a few beers! Also you won't have to worry about hotels, you can stay with us.