Friday, May 11, 2007

Fish Tank

I'm an avid reader of about a dozen different webcomics. Today, I just discovered another one, and it's just incredible in its originality. It's the Fish Tank, about adventures of three fish living in an aquarium (and quite often venturing outside of it). What's original about it? Well, these fishes occasionally get rid of piranhas (on an occasional visit to Brazil) by deorbiting a communication satelite on top of them using a satelite telephone, or get rid of a cat using explosives. Or are (in the current storyline) kidnapped by, of all things, telepath moths. Rooms, houses, or city blocks sometimes get demolished, or Alaskan wild forests set to fire. In general, there's lots of "Mission impossible" action going on, with fish improvising all sorts of devices from stuff found in their tanks and household items (not necessarily plausibly, but that's really not the point of it; they actually have laptops too!). The drawing is loveably sketchy (but consistent), and the characters are incredibly well built, complete with their love/hate relationships and plenty of ingenious throwaway jokes and inspired dialogue. Totally love it.

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