Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My current open-source TODOs

I'll admit that I feel a bit thin-spread lately regarding my open source activities. There's just too much stuff going on that I'd need to attend to one way or the other. Of course, this is all competing for whatever leftover bits of my time after paid work ("urgent/important"), family, an attempt to reinstantiate a regular workout habit (both "not urgent/important") and the also inevitable everyday interruptions ("urgent/not important"). Just to make it clear, OSS work is to me in the same "not urgent/important" quadrant where family and workout take place.

In no particular order my current OSS activity goals are:

  • Implement support for invoking Java vararg methods from FreeMarker (this actually goes off the list, as I completed it on the quiet sunday afternoon while kids were at a birthday party)
  • Implement support for JSP 2.0 SimpleTag interface in FreeMarker's JSP taglib runtime
  • Fix the JSP taglib lookup mechanism in FreeMarker's JSP taglib runtime
  • Make the overloaded method invocation + varargs into a reusable library so I can support vararg methods in Rhino and also have other open-source dynalang communities leverage it
  • Support vararg methods in Rhino
  • Cleanup the LiveConnect implementation in Rhino (primitive booleans not coerced automatically, and in general overloaded method resolution could be better, and it doesn't use JavaBeans bean info, and...)
  • Just generally try to attend to bug reports in Rhino
  • Attempt to refactor Rhino-in-Spring to reuse Spring WebFlow as much as possible, 'cause having two webflow implementations on the same base code would really help it emerge into a flexible foundation worth submitting as a "Java Web Flow" JSR
There you go - I actually feel a bit better having written down all of this. If you wonder why I haven't answered a Rhino question for a week or so, it might be because I was busy working on a FreeMarker issue, or vice versa. Or just there were no birthdays lately, so I didn't have a quiet sunday afternoon at my disposal for some immersive hacking. But rest assured, I'm going forward with all this stuff, just not exactly on "Internet time" speed :-)

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