Friday, September 07, 2007

"How can a spinozan cast a dualism spell?"

If you enjoy reading works of Jostein Gaarder (come on, you must've read at least "Sophie's World", haven't you?), and if you likewise enjoy reading any or all of Greg Egan, Charles Stross, or Neil Gaiman, then you'd adore a hilarious webcomic about (in no particular order): philosophy (if you can actually get the joke in the post title), quantum physics, psychology (with regular appearances of "Tiny Carl Jung"!), all with a big dose of surrealism.

That's exactly what Dresden Codak is.

If I may recommend, start reading from this one, as it and the next few ones are extraordinarily brilliant (contrasted with the rest, which are just, well, ordinarily brilliant). Then revisit the older ones after you reached the end.

My only woe is that there aren't too many of them yet, and it's not updated too frequently. But hey, quality work needs time!

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