Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Liquids on planes in Europe will be allowed again!

Frequent air travelers rejoice!

Apparently, Norwegian Ministry of Transportation asked the European Parliament to move to lift the liquid ban on airplanes. They say it is "annoying for the travellers", and a "large cost for society".

And apparently, the European Parliament agrees!

Sorry if I'm sounding euphoric about this, but this mindless fake security measure did cause me lot of headache in the past. Sometimes literally - there are those situations when I need to catch a transfer and the itinerary is so tight I barely can run from one gate to the other and I don't have time to grab an (overpriced) bottle of water at the airport, so I get a headache of dehydration by the end of the trip. small glasses of water and orange juice served at the airplane are not the same thing. Actually, lately I switched to carrying apples with me for liquid replenishment.

In the meantime, I need to find an (a) aerosol deodorant not exceeding 100ml and (b) shaving foam container not exceeding 100ml for my next week's trip to JAOO in Aarhus (I'm flying with hand baggage only). I figure I can just use the hotel bathroom soap in dire need instead of the shaving foam though. Oh man, can't wait for this madness to end.

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