Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"JVM Dynamic Languages Metaobject Protocol" now released

I finally got around to packaging up the current state-of-art of my metaobject protocol library as a downloadable release (source + binaries + documentation), plus putting up a very basic website (hosting an information page + JavaDoc) for it.

I haven't got around to setting up yet, so the website is for now hosted at

The fact there is now a release does not intend to confer either a sense of completeness or rigidity. It is versioned at humble 0.3. It is pretty much open to modifications and is also probably not complete yet (i.e. I fully expect people to need further features for integrating with their particular language runtime). The release just strives to make it easier for people to get started with it, as it's now available as a HTTP download instead of only through SVN. Also, having a release means there's now a baseline for purposes of tracking changes in a changelog file etc. Unit tests cover about 75% of the code right now, so it's fairly safe to say it does what it is intended to do, but of course, bugs are always to be expected.

In completely unrelated news, today's my birthday too :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy B'day!

Koch Gyuri

Jonas said...

Happy birthday Atilla.
...and the framework looks really cool as well, liking forward to playing with it. :)