Monday, January 02, 2006

Moving to Blogger

I decided to switch from JRoller to Blogger (I'm not alone in this regard), as I found JRoller to have several shortcomings, like lack of email notification on comments. Also, not the least of concerns is that JRoller is meant to be a Java-themed blog site, so it always felt wrong to blog about nontechnical issues over there. This at least is no longer a problem :-)

The most daunting task of setting up a new blog is coming up with the title and - in case of Blogger - a subdomain in the * domain for URL disambiguation. After figuring out a title (and fighting the urge to just name it "foo", "This is not a title", "We don't need no steenkeen' titles") I started looking for some nice name for the subdomain part of the URL. The nicest URL for a blog named "Constantly Changing" on Blogger would of course be, however it is unfortunately already taken by a stillborn blog that only lived to produce two test entries two years ago. Next attempt was, but it's also currently being used by a four-year old intelectual debris. Next is, which hosts two blog entries, in the more recent of them we can learn that the owner of the blog was "still in a state of shock over the terrorist attacks" 13 days after 9/11, however on the flip side "At least the Dolphins won yesterday". Well, I can't even start to describe how pathetic it seems to me that someone can draw any parallel between events that are this many orders of magnitude different in importance. I really didn't expect to unearth such gems while looking for a nice short URL. Next on we have the obligatory test entry, followed by the entry about how "Blogger sucks". Apparently it sucked enough for the owner to never look back at its poor orphaned blog ever since. Finally, is yet another single-entry blog that allows us to peek into a day of a guy who woke up to his alarm clock, walked his dog, and returned home with milk and that day's papers. I'm not sure which of these events were so out of ordinary in his everyday life that he felt he must share it with the world, but who am I to judge :-)

So I've settled for "constc". To me, it also associates with speed of light, so being a generic science geek, I like it for this even more.

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