Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Serving a different purpose

As a break from the everyday life of a software developer, here's an excellent, intelligently written weblog of a waiter. A little bit bent on aspects of serving and ordering wine, maybe (as if there's anything wrong with that!), you'll find great short stories about the guests too.

Update: This is just the funniest sentence I read in the last few days in one of the stories: (on 30th December) "Of course the mall is packed with people converting unwanted gifts into iPods." ROTFL. Reminds me that I'm still feeling a bit guilty that I moved late this Christmas, so I couldn't find my wife an iPod Nano anywhere in the city when I tried shopping for it. Maybe I could try to "convert" her replacement present now (deadline for gift replacement is January 15 here)

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Cs said...

This waiter's blog is indeed very good.

$4.35 an hour is his wage? That's a shame. He totally depends on the tip.