Saturday, January 07, 2006

Old computers nostalgia

For all you people old enough to feel nostalgic about ten-something and twenty-something old hardware, here's a nice online museum I just discovered. I personally owned a Commodore 64C and an Atari 520 STm, but I remember drooling over the specs of the NeXT Cube read in a computer magazine article when I was 8th grader in elementary school (read under the bench during a class, of course - I lived in a small village where everyone knew everybody, so the mailman often delivered my magazines to me directly when he delivered the school's mail. I don't know if he deliberately timed to arrive for a recess, but he was pretty good at it, delivering me a strongly tempting distraction from lectures once a month.) I also spent some considerable ammount of time programming the Apple IIc+ machines in the computer lab of my secondary school.

Anyway, here's a little mental game: assign a probability for each of the below listed contemporary machines to be remembered in this or similar computer museum twenty years from now:

  • Generic whitebox Pentium-4 PCs

  • Branded Pentium-4 PCs (Dell, HP, etc.)

  • IBM ThinkPads

  • Apple iMac G5

Update: Another site documenting vintage hardware that is worth visiting is here. It seems to have a smaller selection of hardware, however they are described in more detail and with more pictures. Incidentally, Boing Boing yesterday published a post related to a scanned Atari ST magazine from 1988.

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